Modern life these days are filled up with dynamic challenges every other day and people are trying to balance between friends, career, and relationships. With smart phones occupying a major part of every individual’s pockets, the online dating applications are rising high and recently Tinder hit about fifty millions users accessing their dating app from all over the world.

Grindr is one another dating app that is known for having some unique features in them. As dating applications are the future with smart phones, it’s high time you can develop one such app that can go viral in few days of time. All you need to do is learn and develop an app that provides dating app functionality with a low production value. Still clueless about creating one, read through every other point and start creating an app that can change the future of dating apps.

How to build an app like Grindr?

Dating apps are now so very common that makes us wonder how to create dating apps like Grindr the ones already existing! Dating apps are exciting and also in real demand in the young generation across the globe! Grindr app was known to be the first dating app that was in many controversies, but went on to settle down from the troubled waters with a huge public demand created for the same. This was possible, as Grindr had a different geographic proximity that showcases a list of people who are interested in dating on your smart phone screen, rather than just showing them one by one. This one unique feature made people become addicts to Grindr, like people are today, to the social media. The main reason for a lot of people preferring Grindr was that the grid of people was actually easy to access and a time saver for many people. People living nearby they entered location can be sought up in the grid and can go ahead with conversations on the app, and who knows; maybe a coffee later? Depending upon the number of people accessing the app, the nearby feature works in terms of miles or feet. You must follow the same location-based services like Grindr does, to create an app like Grindr that clearly stands apart from others.

Consider having this location-based user searching in your mind, while developing a dating app, so that end of the day, you would have created a much needed revolutionary one. Be it Grindr or the current time’s Tinder, they all follow a similar skeleton of their apps and that’s what make them a big hit in the social world! The internet is a web of just so many people; one needs to connect all the dots to connect to all of the users! As simple as it goes, one needs to invest time in the prior planning of the app in finding a unique selling point and something different, yet similar to the already existing apps!

How much does it cost to make an app like Grindr?

The cost to make an app like Grindr is minimal and anyone can invest to develop one such dating app for real. Before deciding with your production value to create a dating app, make sure to go through these valid points that can help you organize your budget and then get started working your app.

Ever wondered what’s the most important thing when it comes to creating a dating app like Tinder, Grindr? – Yes, it is a graphic designer. The designs are important and might cost you about $3,000 to &5,000.

  • The cost of developing an app like Grindr for Android and iOS devices shall roughly cost between $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Also, it shall take about three hundred to five hundred hours to build one. Make sure to calculate the time and hire a company or an individual who can meet up with this time interval. Anything more than this particular time interval showcases the incapability and unprofessionalism.
  • The API costs about $10,000 to $12,000, and it does take three hundred to four hundred hours to complete the entire work.
  • A total cost that runs behind creating a dating app like Grindr or Tinder for one particular platform shall be about twenty-five thousand to thirty thousand US Dollars. The costs might vary.

If you are trying to dating app clone create an app like Grindr then it does cost less. The cost to create a Grindr clone app shall be between $5,000 to $10,000, as the developers are going to make use of source codes and scripts that are widely available all over the internet for creating one such dating app.

What makes up Grindr app?

If you intend to create an app like Grindr, then you need to work more on the attributes section other than just scripting them at first place. Be clear, regarding the type of dating selection option that your users can get used to. Swiping right option made Tinder a famous dating app while matching a date based upon location made Grindr, another famous dating app. You need to go with Grindr app methodology, where you can meet up new people instantly based upon the location you are moving with. For example, if you are taking a tour to a place and have plenty of time to meet some new people, then open up your Smartphone and search for one based upon the location you are walking through with. This feature is what made Grindr turn into a popular and the most used dating app that has ever been created in this century. Develop an app like Grindr that completely replicates this algorithm, so that people can find it easier to access your dating app, other than getting confused about how to use them at first place.

How to build a dating app?

While building an app like grindr, you need to keep in mind certain features that can help people easily sign in and search for a date instantly. For example, allowing your users to sign up with their Facebook or Twitter account, can help them get signed up in few seconds of time, and then search for a date from any place. This type of sign up option does not require a big sign up form to be filled up by their users. Their social media credentials shall be used to create an account and let them make use of the app anytime. The credentials must be safely stored, and make sure to build a dating app that meets up with such easy to sign up features in them. Once you have developed an app with such easy access controls in them, then any new users to your dating app can click upon their convenient email ID and then enter their email password to sign up and access your dating app at ease. These features are already made available in dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. Like Tinder, Grindr app, if your dating app also has the same feature in them, then no wonder people shall prefer to use your dating app regularly.

How to build an app like Tinder?

Tinder is famous for its swipe feature, where their users can send a match by swiping the display picture on one side. By swiping them on opposite side, they reject the match. The original idea by Tinder became the center of attraction of all the dating apps, one need to have USP or Unique Selling point to make sure the app’s a hit!

Target your audience

Once you have made a decision to build a dating app, you shouldn’t be too narrow or wide in terms of your thought process. Apps that are very similar to Tinder, namely ‘She’ and Grindr are focusing upon sexual minorities. You need to choose your audience like how Tinder, Grindr, and She application do. If you are targeting to create a dating app especially for gay or lesbians, then you need to develop a user interface and design that can go easy with their ideology.


Although many startups can find it difficult to monetize their dating application, the need to do so has happened, after tons of dating applications were recently created.. Before creating a dating app, one must add a budget, or take some from their existing budget that can be later on used to create an attractive ad to bring in many new users to your app.


Create a unique feature that makes your app stand apart from other dating apps that were ever created. In order to develop one such app, you need to add some additional features like letting the users send voice commands or special texts to the ones that are showcased on their screen with. Date invites can be creative enough, by enabling both voice and text message for the same.

Before developing your app, design plays a key role, as only with them, the entire functionality of your dating app gets carried over from. The designer must have the potential to create screens presented in an attractive color and as an inviting one. After the designer finishes off his work, you need to sit up with the mobile developers, who can actually develop your dating app for real, based upon the structure and design which you have earlier created for them. These developers do have a great knowledge behind developing a dating app that operates like a Tinder dating application.

The developers can help in creating a user profile section that has certain basic information of a user to find their perfect match with. Age, location and user photos are the basic information that people prefer to share in a dating app. The user profile that you are about to develop, must not reveal much about a person so that your dating app users can try to find about their match at first place. This type of curiosity must be created to make a dating app that can be used by many people for its easy to use the feature.