The marketplace of the mobile application is growing day by day. The industry of mobile application is earning billions of dollars. In 2017, 4.77 billion people have their own mobile phones & 80% of the internet have their own smartphones. So, no doubt, Mobile app has become a lucrative field for the modern entrepreneurs.

But it doesn’t mean that every app earns that similar kind of money. In fact, most of the apps earn nothing or a little. So, you need careful planning to earn money from an app. If you hire an app development company, then they will give you a complete picture of this business.

So, maybe the most sensible question is that How to build an app and earn a lot of money.”

To Create/Build an app

To create an app, it’s very easy. You even can do it on your own. You can see some YouTube videos, read online books & guides. But if you want to build a professional app for large businesses, then it’s not a cake walk. You need complex coding, technical support, and mobile app development. So, you had better hire a developer.

Earning money on mobile apps

Now, we assume that you build a professional app and people get gaga about your app. Millions of user downloaded it. But does it bring you any income? Possibly not. Because the magnetization strategy of your apps will bring your money, not downloading.

Magnetization Models for mobile apps

Charge for the app: You can charge for your app. They couldn’t download the app until they pay for it. You can also add some videos, descriptions and users reviews to make your app convincing.   But it won’t be easy. People don’t download premium apps much as there are so many apps. But you can do it with some strategy. At first, you can give your users a free trial and make them addicted. Then they will be interested and you can charge them. After they give a free trial, you can also charge them for upgrades.

Example:  You make a game called “Clash of the god of Egypt”. You give the user free access. Then you offer an upgrade version with some lucrative features who want to pay for it.

Advertising: You can do some indirect sales. You provide the app for free but there would be ads & company will pay you for it. You can also do email & SMS marketing, affiliate marketing and virtual currency.

How much can you make from an app?

To build a Mobile app can be a good idea if you take the right strategy. But we always have a question, how much an app can earn.” We all know, Games apps always rule in this field. In an example, “Clash of Clans” is the most viral game. It’s a free game but offer impressive experience with upgrade purchases. It earns $72,227 every day. Pokemon Go is the fastest game app that ever earned $500 million in revenue. In 2014, Flappy birds earned $50000 per day.

Mainly these apps earn their money via advertising or app purchases.

Which Platform to choose?

You have to select a platform for your app. It could be Android or iOS. Your decision has a huge impact on your income. Android phone has more consumers but Apple developers earn more income than android developers. So, choose your platform wisely.


As we can see there are many opportunities in the app market that you can use. I believe quality counts, so make a high-quality app & make your idea into a reality.

Please, feel free to share your judgment and choice in the comments section. Thanks a lot for reading this article.