In our busy lifestyle, it’s always a tough task to find time for your loved ones. But every relationship needs love, fun, time & care. Otherwise, it won’t work. So, the question is that how can you connect with your partner if he/she lives far away from you? How will you make your relationship interesting? Here come the smartphone apps that will finish your boring love life & bring fire, sex, fun and a little extra (which is very much needed in love life in your relationship).

So, let’s check out the best couple apps of 2018 which will give you couple goals. Shall we?

Our Research team selected following apps to give a different flavor to your relationship –

Top 10 Apps for Couples: Choose the best one for you

1. Couple App: Best app for couple memories

The couple app is designed to grow the intimacy between the couples. It makes a sexy way to stay connected with your partner.


  • A private timeline where couples can share & remember their hot & intimate moments.
  • Share messages & videos.
  • Couples can express their hidden emotion & mood to their partner. If you are in a long-distant relationship. It keeps love & intimacy alive in your relationship.

2. KINDU – Best app for Sex Life

At first, the question is that – do you think an app can bring intimacy in your sex life? Well, to find the answer, you can give a try. I believe it’s worth your try. It gives you more than 1000 sensual ideas to grow couples inner desire & learn funny things about your partner.


  • Discover each other’s desire.
  • Password protection.
  • You can create a favorites list.
  • Double-blind match system.

3. Dirty Games Truth or Dare – Best Daring app for Couple

The name is enough to grow excitement between couples. This app is perfect to finish shyness & bring spice to your relationship. Give it a try.


  • Thousands of truth or dare.
  • Interface designs.
  • You can select between a group or couple mood.
  • Endless fun.

4. Fix a fight – Best App to solve problems

This app gives a chance to couples to express their feeling & opinions. It strengthens couples relationship


  • A list of relaxation & self-soothing exercises.
  • Meaningful advice& guidelines by a notable psychotherapist & couple consult Mark McGonigle, from Kanas city.

5. Happy Couple – Best quiz style app

Its fabulous game for a couple where they can have a lot of fun & find out about your partner’s feeling


  • 10 interesting & new questions to bring couples closer.
  • Daily tips so that you can improve your relationship.
  • New challenges every day.
  • Scoring & levels.

6. Between – Private Couples App – Best official relationship App

This app is designed especially for serious relationships. It helps the couples to communicate easily & romantically.


  • Couple conversations with love.
  • Schedule & special days.
  • Camera access.
  • Location access.

7. Couplete – App for Couples

This app is a mixture of the common features. Besides this, “Wishbox” is an impressive idea for couples what they want to do with their partners such as dating spots or shopping items etc.


  • Secure messenger where couples can share their moods, emotions & unspoken thing.
  • Timeline where they can share their happy moments & have a look always.
  • Love letter to your beloved & put ‘Magical Stickers Governing Time and Fingers” on the love letter.
  • Calendar where you can stay sync for the scheduled appointments.
  • Lock Screen with you beloved picture.

8. Simply Us – Best app for features

It’s an app which helps couples life to organize perfectly. It has some pretty impressive features. Let’s have look at it-


  • Shared calendar for the lovely couples.
  • Shared Lists features for the to-do list.
  • Private messaging.

9. IceBreak – “Break the Ice”

This impressive app is always perfect for every couples’ relationship whether you are married, engaged or still dating. Who doesn’t want to know more about his/her partner? So, here comes this app to help you. It inspires healthy conversation between couples & strengthens the relationship.


  • Relationship wall.
  • Capture the moment.

10. LokLok – Free app

LokLok makes the couples communication process hassle-free.  It takes the lengthy process of unlocking the phone & makes the communication easy.


  • LokLok turns your mobile phone into a message board or whiteboard where you can draw images, write notes or can send selfies to your boyfriend & girlfriend.


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Please, feel free to share your thoughts or comments below. Thanks a lot for reading this article.