Uber Technologies Inc is a ride share, cab booking company which headquarter is situated in the United States. This platform used by millions of people by a smartphone application. Uber is considered as a forerunner in the cab booking, ride sharing company. It has brought a lot of changes in the industry business. As a result, the movement is known as Uberisation.

Uber has raised such a standard & transformed the whole concept of transportation in the world. So, it’s a very common question, how much does it cost to make an app like Uber?

How does Uber work?

  • Uber is a taxi ordering app which is known for its reliable rides.  This app is known for its fantastic service for its customers. It’s also created a great opportunity for the job seekers. Uber has more than 80 million users and available in more than 630 cities,To request an Uber ride is quite easy. Let me tell you how it works?
    • At first, you just let them know, you need a ride. Uber application uses your location and finds a nearby driver for you. Then, your driver will come to pick you up.
    • You have to rate the ride. Then, your credit card will be automatically charged. If you want to save money, you can take a ride on Uberpool. You have to share your ride with other riders.

How Much Money Uber Make?

Uber rides are quite cheap. But, there is no doubt that they offer an excellent service. So, many people have the question that, does Uber really can make money?

Well, yes they can. Mainly, they earn their money by charging their customers for their rides. It charges trip commission (5%-20%) from Uber drivers. Uber also offers loans for their drivers and earn the commission. They also can earn advertising from their websites & trip cancelations. I am sure you heard of UberEATS – A Food Service or Uber Trucking – Uber for trucking. They are also a source of income.

How Uber Launched: the go-to-market strategy?

Uber started its journey as Ube rCab in 2009 by TravaisKalanick and Garret Camp. TravaisKalanick, the founder of Uber, said about his Uber journey in the following statement,

“I went to Google, typed in San Francisco chauffeur or San Francisco limousine, I just filled out an excel sheet and I just started dialing for dollars, right? First, ten guys I called, three of them hung up before I got a few words out, a few of them would listen for like 45 seconds and then hung up, and three of them said ‘I’m interested, let’s meet.’. And if you’re cold calling and three out of ten say ‘let’s meet’, you’ve got something.”

The marketing strategy of Uber is always unique. I am describing it in following steps:

If we have a look at their customers, then we can see a very important factor:  who is actually their real customers are: the passengers or the drivers. We can go for both. Both of them play an important role in the growth cycle.

So, Uber follows some marketing strategies to find their passengers. Let’s have a look at it-

  • At first, they convince people to try their service. But how they do this? They subsidize the cost of the ride, gradually they make it free for try.
  • They encourage you to tell the friends about the ride. This strategy is known as a referral program. You can give your friend $20 to try Uber. Then Uber give you a free $20.

The Scope of Taxi Booking App Development – How it works?

Many people can’t afford to buy a car. They need an alternative transportation to travel which would be comfortable and also affordable. Uber understands the growing demand and introduced a Taxi booking app. They know that it’s the era of technology. So, they made a mobile app where people can easily use it and the cost & service are also affordable. If we go to the play store and app stores, we see a lot of Cab or Taxi booking apps. But do we hear about all of them? No, we don’t. Because they still didn’t reach the standard of Uber.

But there are some Taxi booking apps like cabify, Lyft, LeCab, goCatch which really earned a position among their competition.

So, before you make an app like Uber, you have to target your business goals. You have to consider some questions before launching an app.

  • What is the scope of Taxi Booking App Development? Imagine & predict it.
  • Study your competitors. Find their strength & weakness.
  • Did you have enough audience for your service? You can do a survey on it.
  • What’s your future plan? Is it a short-term or long-term plan?
  • SMS send outs: Uber has selected Twilo for this option, Nexmo, Tropo or Plivo are also great options for this.

Select your Niche and Start a Taxi / Cab Business Today!!!

If you want to build an app like Uber, then at first, you should decide what kind of taxi service you are offering? Nowadays Taxi service has grown a lot with different niches.

Children Taxi Service app development Solutions:

Kids are always precious to their parents. Parents are often worried about their transportation as it’s not possible for working parents always to pick up their children. So, they always want a dependable transportation.

Schools or colleges always in need of child transportation.  An Uber-style app can have an impact in this field. This app can offer the location of children and the details of the driver so that the parents can open the app & check the location of their children if the kids are late. So, Build an app like Uber and make a lead in your business.

Medical & Healthcare Taxi Service app development Solution:

We all know that patients always need for transportation. So, you can give a thought about it.

You can contact the hospital or doctors to start such a service. Then, make an app like Uber and give your service dedicatedly to the patients.

Luxury Taxi Services app development Solution:

Even if we buy a luxury car, we rarely use it. So, it looks unnecessary to buy such a luxury car and use it for one or two times. So, you can ask, what will people do when they need a luxury car? Here comes another business idea.

So, you can build a taxi booking application for luxury cars such as Mercedes and Lamborghini

Water Taxi Service app Development Solution:

Here you can provide a number of services such as ship booking, cruise booking and much more. It could also be a great idea.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services Application Development

The taxi service for disabled people is the necessity of the hour. This idea can also make a great impact on society. You can include the services such as make the taxi wheelchair accessible and give special training for drivers etc.

Custom Car Rental App Development & Software

Some people like to travel on their own. So, the car owner can upload necessary papers on the app for the customer to access it.

Carpool & Ride sharing App Development Solution

It could be a great approach to offer reasonable taxi booking services to everyone.

Now that you are all set to develop an app you have two options for your Taxi Booking App Development:

  • Create an app like Uber (Uber Clone app)
  • Be a competitor to Uber.

Create an Uber Clone App:

To make an app like Uber, you have to select the features that you wanted. Then you should hire some professional Taxi app developers who can work with Uber Clone Scripts & Uber app clone source code.

Be a competitor:

Well, to become a competitor of Uber, it’s not a cake walk. For this, you must have to create a unique idea. Then you can go to some experienced taxi app developers who are as creative & skilled as Uber app developers can will make your dream into a reality.

How to Build an App like Uber?

Let me tell you, Uber has two individual application. So, to make/create an app like Uber means, you have to work on both apps with different functionality.

Passenger app is used by riders who book the taxi. Driver app is for drivers who ride the passengers to the destination.

Features are an important factor if we want to know how much does it cost to make an app like Uber? So, let’s have a look at the features of the app-

Passengers’ App Features:

  • Login: Passenger app offers the customers easy social media or email login option and also safe payment process.
  • Booking: You just have to open the app and enter the address. Then, the driver will come to pick you up. Booking history is available.
  • Payment: The payment can easily be made by PayPal, Android Pay and just in plain cash. You can also give rating & review.
  • Tracking: You can track the location of the driver, to know the updates after or during a ride.
  • Notification: Passenger app keeps users updated on the order status. Messaging option is available.

Drivers’ App Features:

  • Register & Profile: It provides approval & verification by an administrator, also schedule and online status.
  • Booking; The Uber driver has the option to choose if they want to deny or accept the order.
  • Notification: This app keeps the drivers updated with the order status, payment or location. Messaging & support option is available.

Moreover, an admin panel is needed to operate all the process such as payments, manage ride route & customer support.

Technology to build an app like Uber Features:

Uber has already revealed their (Uber app developers) API to public & other taxi app developers. So, we can keep it in our mind. The most three important function for Taxi Booking app development –

First and foremost, you need your own server for the data such as user requests. Python, Node.js, PHP & Java can be used for the programming language. The important component of any Uber clone app is GPS.

The following technology needs to be considered for different elements:

  • iOS app – To push notifications, Apple push is for iOS phones. You should hire taxi app developers who can make strict design pattern such as MVC with MVVM.
  • Android app – To push notification, Google Firebase is for Android. Here, the developer can make build a strong design like MVVM or MVP.
  • API’s – NodeJS would be best for these kinds of apps. Python also could be a great option.
  • Admin interface: Angular JS could be a great option for this. Django also works pretty well.
  • MongoDB: For datastore.
  • Database- you can go for hybrid DB.
  • Redis: For booking dispatch.
  • Payment: Uber app developers made Ubersupport app payment via PayPal or credit card. If you want the same,you canuse the following gateway adapters – PayPal mobile SDK, Paytm or Stripe.

The Final Cost/Requirements:

You have to develop two application, one is for drivers, and the other is for drivers.

So, you need to consider to pay for the following services-

  • Android iOS and native app development
  • App Design.
  • Backend development.
  • Project Management
  • Taxi App Developers.
  • Web Development.
  • Quality Assurance.

The cost depends on the hourly rates. It varies from place to place. Your choice and requirement will also definitely influence the cost of the app.

According to our research team, the experienced developer companies work both for $20 and $120. So, we are using an average price – $45 per hour.

According to our research team, the final cost for making an app like Uber is-

Job iOS app Android app App cost needed for both platforms
Backend $4500 $4500 $9000
Development $9000 $10800 $19800
QA/PM $5400 $6300 $11700
Design $8100 $9900 $18000
Final Cost (approx.) $27000 $31500 $58500

The most time consuming components in this app development is quality assurance & passenger app. Let’s see how much time each part take –

So, how much does it cost to make an app like Uber? As we see the final result shows that it’s around $58500 needed to build an app like Uber. But you should keep in mind that our research team provides you the approximate picture. They collect data from market research. But the final cost depends on your selection and process. It can be lower or higher.


So, if you have any great idea, take the help of experienced taxi app developers or top mobile App Development Company who will make your dream into a reality and meet up the expectations of your customers.

Please, feel free to share your judgment and choice in the comments section. Thanks a lot for reading this article.