What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a method of digital currency which is mainly designed for some important motives such as:

  • To exchange digital information.
  • Use the encryption to keep secure the whole process.

The complete process has been made possible by the particular principles of the cryptography. It has become a very popular method. In fact, some aspiring businesses build a website to give a chance the people for cryptocurrency trading.

Initial Coin Offering Website Design:

If you have any intention to launch an ICO website for your cryptocurrency project, then it’s the suitable time for you. We all know that ICO websites are designed to attract the expected contributors.

ICO website design isn’t a cake walk. So, you should hire some experienced designers. ICO website possess three phases of existence –

  • Before the ICO.
  • During the ICO.
  • After the ICO.

 ICO Services:

ICO means “Initial Coin Offering’. It’s a new method to raise the capital through the design of a modern cryptocurrency.

ICO script or service should feature the following services:

  • Multiple currencies.
  • Create the token.
  • Token protection page.
  • Hosting & fund administration.
  • Multiple addresses.
  • Page Design.

Ethereum ICO website design:

Ethereum is a blockchain platform. It has started its journey with its own script language. It allows the developers and designers to store the registers of debts, to build markets and move funds without risk.   With it, you can easily design your own cryptocurrency.  It made possible to build –

  • Puzzle-based cryptocurrency
  • Complex smart contracts.
  • Tradeable token
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Decentralized autonomous apps.

So, Ethereum has become a popular platform of choice for its ease of development in crypto-asset entrepreneurs.

Some Post ICO Development Tips for your ICO Page Structure:

The structure & design of the ICO pages depends on your hired designers or developers. But I believe it should follow some structures. The ICO website design should be responsive on mobiles and tablets. The designer should provide you some modern Initial Coin Offering Website Design Templates to choose. Always keep the date and time.

People should be aware of token sales timeline.You can add the photos and social media links to your cryptopay team. It will definitely increase the trust of the contributors. You can also show your investors who always support your project. You can include your contact details, disclaimer or other information.Give an overview of your project. Never think every enthusiast come to your site after researching. Maybe some contributors can be interested to see a post on your social network.

So, you have to be prepared to make their interest fulfilled. You have to let them know whatever they want to. So, you can keep images, videos, schemes and everything that can make the whole thing more interesting and convincing.

Different Types of ICO Websites You Can Select To Build

Buy & Sell Exchange Websites:

With this sort of website, you can create a platform where you can provide the cryptocurrency for buy and sell. You can also add some detailed information such as sale closing and opening date.

Listing Website:

You can create an ICO Coin listing website and make a platform where the founders add & reach their ICOs. In this way, the website can provide the investors with the informative information of ICOs.

Review Website:

ICO review website can help the investors to choose the best ICO or cryptocurrency by reading their fellow investors experiences or reviews. The investors can also post a request to give a review about a particular ICO, as they are interested to invest on it


The crypto space is growing and Bitcoin has earned the position of largest cryptocurrency at present. Many people are eager to join ICO race as investors. So, you can create your own cryptocurrency website and take the benefit of it as an entrepreneur.

Please, feel free to share your judgment and choice in the comments section. Thanks a lot for reading this article.