With the rise in time the trend of ordering food increased and with an increment of this trend, food delivery introduced itself as a Best Delivery business model. Are you also waiting to start locally based food delivery business? If you can cook good, there is an opportunity to welcome you this year. As we know that food is now delivered door-to-door, so what are you waiting for? Just break the ice and turn your passion into a business idea. Not only ready-made food is demanded to deliver if you can make fun with the drinks, but you can also deliver the wines and other beverages and can change your fun in money.

Reasons For Rising In Food Delivery Business

  • People are having less time due to their busy schedules.
  • Also today’s technology had taken hold the today’s generation.
  • One reason is promoting e-marketing more.
  • People getting attract to the codes and vouchers they get by online delivery.

Objectives Of Starting a Food Delivery Business

The main subjective of starting a food delivery business is to establish itself as a unique business worldwide. Not only for us, but even the service is also for the pets which again introduced it with great name and fame in the marketing industry. Now some other applications are-

  • It saves time.
  • You can enjoy your meal where ever you want.
  • Before ordering you can see the feedback and ratings of that restaurant or shop.
  • It is affordable to your pocket as you can choose the restaurant that suits your budget.
  • You can have a taste of different cuisines.

Why Focus On Starting A Food Delivery Business In 2020?

Yes, this question can be asked by many of the beginners who want to start food delivery business in 2020. Maybe you will think that why I am discussing mainly the latest food delivery business ideas & opportunities in 2020 if other options are also there! Yes, I agree, but the food is the basic demand of a human being. Not only restaurant food is delivered, but people also demand for fresh vegetables, fruits, bakery items, egg, fish, meat, raw food materials and many other things. And if you are having good art of cooking or can sell any food-related item, you can achieve huge profit in this business.

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Here is the List of Latest food delivery business ideas for 2020 are discussed below which may help you this year to start your business.

1. Grocery Delivery business Idea

How do I start a grocery delivery business?


If you are having a small shop, let’s turn that small shop into a big business. Yes, even grocery shops are now providing facilities for delivering all common items to home on demand. This business is convenient only for some of them. Those who can invest money in storing food items can start it.

The reason for increasing grocery items delivery is lack of time. People are ready to pay extra bucks for home delivery. Dealing with hectic life is getting comfort as all the needed items can be delivered at home in just a click.

If you are single store owner you can build your own mobile app and deliver grocery to your customers. If you want to start grocery delivery Startup then you can go with the multi store grocery delivery app development and start your own delivery business in 2020.

You need a cell phone, vehicle for delivery. If you are not having your self vehicle, it can show you negative impacts as the customer expects delivery on time. Gaining profit comes from the point of setting your charges. Set the price not too low, not even too high. But it should have the capability of gaining profit as many competitors are there.

Here is the Top Grocery Delivery apps for 2020

  • AmazonFresh
  • Brandless
  • Thrive Market
  • Fresh Direct
  • Peapod
  • Google Express
  • Instacart
  • Shipt
  • Walmart Delivery Services
  •  Home Chef

2. Wholesale Egg Delivery Business Idea

Wholesale Egg Delivery Business Idea & app development

With a small investment you can convert your wholesale egg delivery business into online egg delivery startup using mobile app in 2020. Using mobile app you can track your delivery boy and send the invoice online and manage your billings separately Let’s start the business of wholesale delivering eggs this year and Digitize the wholesale delivery market. As the egg is used by many of them for having it in breakfast, the demand for eggs is high. However, lots of local vendors are there who sell eggs, but in today’s digitized world, all are paying attention to the e-market. And this e-marketing can allow you to start with your new business.

How This Business Is Helpful?

  • An egg is consumed by all. Children and adults both love to eat it.
  • The Egg Delivery Business gives you long term profit as it never goes out of trend.
  • It can be delivered to individual’s families by giving door-to-door delivery services, and by delivering to restaurants as they also demand eggs in bulk.
  • For increasing your business you can increase your network by making contacts to bakery shops, local vendors, dairy farms etc., which will give you profit.

What do You need?
The things that you need is your cell phone, truck or vehicle to deliver it to your customers. You should activate GPS service so that you can see the location where you have to deliver.

Here is the Top Egg Delivery apps for 2020: Mastaan, Freshdirect, Good Eggs

Top chicken egg producing Countries: United States, China, Thailand, Germany, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Italy, Iran, Spain

Check out the Wholesale Global Market Report

3. Sandwich & Salad Delivery Business Idea

Starting Your Own Sandwich Delivery Business

Before having lunch, people like to eat salad or when they feel hungry after breakfast usually they prefer sandwiches more. If now you will think that people can make the salad by themselves, then you are mistaken at this place. Many office employees, who are working can’t cut salad for themselves or can not prepare sandwiches in their working hours. So, if you are seeking any new business idea in 2020, then serving services of salad and sandwiches will give success to your business. Your passion for garnishing dishes and cutting fruits and vegetables in different shapes with different experiments can make money for you.
Reasons To Start Sandwich & Salad Delivery Business-

  • Inexpensive Business- Yes, this business is not expensive as you can buy the fruits and vegetables in bulk from the wholesale market which will not be a burden on you. And with your self-transport, you can deliver the packets of fresh garnished salad and sandwiches.
  • It will generate good revenue every week.
  • You can also do a partnership with catering services and restaurants, as it will raise your business more.

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4. Bread & Milk Delivery Business Ideas

How to start a milk delivery business

It is the most profitable bread and Milk delivery business for those who are having their self dairy farm. You can contact and deal with different shops, restaurants, café, and local vendors as these are the basic need for all.

  • The positive point of this business is that it will give a steady income and great profit.
  • If you are not having your dairy farm, you can contact to manufacturer. But make ensure about the quality as it will affect your business.
  • One important thing about the business that you have to keep in mind is waking up early, as all need bread and milk in their breakfast.
  • You need a reliable vehicle so that you can run your business fluently.

5. Coffee Delivery Business Startup Idea

I want to start a small coffee delivery business. Is this a good business idea?

People are fancier of coffee and are always fond of the beast taste coffee they can have. Also people love the coffee designed with cream in various styles, especially office employees demand a lot for coffee. Making a cup of coffee is easy but performing experiments with that same beverage is a little tough, and if you love to play with the coffee powder and cream the gate of earnings is open for you.

Reasons That You Can Start Coffee Delivery-

  • This beverage is consumed in breakfast and from time to time. It is loved by all.
  • Delivering coffee to offices and the canteens who lack coffee in their menu card can raise your business.
  • For starting a business you must know the different tastes of coffee and its flavors.
  • You need a strategic location so that you can deliver it on time.

6. Online Fruit Delivery Business Plan

How to Start Online Fruit and Vegetables Delivery Business

Fruits, of a different type, of different taste are loved by all. All want to eat fresh food but when they check their baskets, after getting time from a busy schedule, they have been rotten already. So, if you can deliver fresh fruits to the people you can increase your earning and customers both.

  • You can sell organic food to them directly by contacting farms.
  • Customers also get profit, as they can order the fruit they want and don’t have to wait for the vendors of that particular fruit.
  • You can also store so that you can supply it off-season, as sometimes customers demand.
  • Owning a vehicle and a cell phone is compulsory for the delivery of fruits.

7. Bottled Water Delivery Business Idea

How Uber for Bottled Water Delivery is a Successful Business

The positive point of this business is that it is all time trending business, a whole world’s population is not having access to clean water. People want to get the water of most assured company.

Why You Will Not Face Decline In This Business?

  • People are demanding clean water of companies, as a result, many companies compete.
  • If you are having an innovative and unique technique to clean water, you can introduce it in skills fairs and can take patency of your technique as an entrepreneur.
  • This innovative technique if you get approved, you can introduce yourself as a good and experienced businessman.
  • You need transport to deliver as it is the basic demand.

8. Pizza Delivery Business Idea

How to Start a Pizza Delivery Business

When it comes to pizza, we all love it. Many companies launched their pizza and people are loving their different tastes. But if I say, people are now in search of the one from whom they can get home-made pizza, then? Yes, if you start the business of delivering pizza you can deliver the pizza of a famous company but can also sell pizza made by you.

Main Points To See-

  • It is said as a guaranteed profitable business.
  • Even starting your passion as a business will prove a minting machine for you.
  • Even you can contact different companies and can, later on, launch your delivery app.
  • If you are going to start your own, your menu should be catchy. Try to give different twisted names to your pizza which will show effects too.

9. Online Pet Food Delivery Startup Idea

Launch your pet food delivery business - how to start a homemade dog food business

Not only humans, animals too want to taste sometimes different. Even many restaurants have been opened in USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, and many other countries which are specially for pets. So trying something new is not a bad idea.

Factors To See-

  • According to the American Pet Products Association, millions of the population owns a pet.
  • The pet industry had exceeded its total expenditure of up to $ 45.5 billion.
  • You can use your garage to store pet food.
  • Your business will not only limit food, but you can also deliver toys, treats and food bowls for pets.

Top Pet Food Delivery apps & Website : NomNomNow, Ollie, Petco, PetFlow, PetFood.com, Pet Plate, PetSmart

10. Online Liquor Delivery Startup Idea

How to Start a Liquor Delivery Services Business?

Liquor delivery business is one of the expensive business. If you are having a sufficient amount of money, you can start it.

Now let’s see the points of this business-

  • It is recession-proof.
  • One downside of the business is that it is a regulated service industry.
  • Liquor delivery business is subjected to variable regulatory concerns depending on the city which operates.
  • Home delivery of alcohol is a niche business.
  • You will need to accommodate limitations like time at which you will deliver, the amount of liquor you can deliver and the age of the delivery person.

Best Liquor Delivery Apps: Drizly, Delivery.com, Flaviar, Minibar, Saucey, Doordash, Swill, Boxed Wholesale and Alcohol Delivery App, FreshDirect

11. Online Meal-Kit Delivery Business Idea

Why Starting a Meal Kit Delivery Business could be a Brilliant startup idea

Due to lack of time, and sluggishness, they don’t want to cook. Hence, the couples look for ready to cook a meal.

  • In this business pre-packed ingredients are supplied to the customers.
  • The user just needs to heat and the meal is ready.
  • So busy schedule on one side if closing kitchens of employees, opening a business opportunity for you.
  • All you need is a cell phone, vehicle and GPS.

12. Online Lunch Box Delivery Business Plan

How to Open a Box Lunch Delivery Service

Lunch is now talks of past days, as no one is having time to prepare lunch before going to the office.If your cooking is good, you can take a trial.

  • You can earn well by providing the service of taste the customer want.
  • It does not need a large investment and gives you a big profit.
  • Your delivery should be on timing.
  • You can increase your network by keeping workers under you.

13. Online Fresh Raw Meat Delivery Services

How to Start online meat delivery business ?

Meat is consumed by many non-vegetarians in breakfast, lunch and in dinner too. The supply of raw meat is demanded highly and it gives you more profit.

HOW? Let’s see-

  • People also order raw food materials in which the delivery of raw meat is also in demand.
  • If you do animal-farming, you can supply a huge amount of money for raw meat to your customers.
  • You don’t need to invest a large amount of money to start this business.
  • If the good quality of meat is supplied, the customer will order more and your earning will increase.

Top Wholesale Meat Producing Countries: U.S, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, CSA, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia

14. Packed Food Delivery Startup Idea

how to start Packed Food Delivery services business?

Packed food items are also in demand. The idea is not going to get flop as it will be loved by the children and adults both.

  • Usually packed food items delivery includes wafers, beverages, shakes and many other things.
  • It also comes under grocery services, but as a business you can start it separately too.
  • Only in a small investment, you can earn a huge profit.
  • You can sell chips, wafers, candies and many other things, which can be stored for a long time.
  • These items can be delivered in bulk too.
  • As packed food is having a long life, you will rarely face loss in this business.

15. Cake Delivery Startup Idea

How do I start a cake delivery business?

If you are having a passion for decorating cake and can bake, you can start your own business of delivering home-made cakes.

  • People usually love to eat home-made dishes more as they aspect it to be tastier.
  • You don’t need to invest more in the cake delivery business.
  • Also, you can work from home and can make connections with the local bakery shops of the locality to increase profit.

16. Desert Food Delivery App Idea

After eating food, all love to have something sweet in their plates. Moreover, people are crazy to taste different sweet dishes. So, the profits are-

  • If you know the recipes of sweet dishes, then you are the one, who can start this business as soon you want.
  • Just wake up and lift your business with a great profit.
  • You can do experiments with cooking and can design a menu with unique names, which will be like the cherry on the cake for your business.

Start your Own Food Delivery Business Today

17. Delivering Oils Door-To-Door-

How do I start my own essential oil business?
Oils play the most important role in food. Whether you want to cook, or want to prepare a salad, oil is in demand. So, the profits are-

    • You can deliver the olive oil, as it is most demanded and in trend also.
    • The oil is preferred by dietitians too, so your business can take a jump.
    • You can also deliver mustard oil, coconut oil and other varieties of oil.
    • Contacting restaurants and delivering oil to them also can give you a huge profit as restaurants need many things in bulk.
    • Now, we will take about some other delivery services which can make a good amount of money for you.

Here is the List Latest On Demand delivery Ideas for 2020

18. On-demand Courier Delivery Business Ideas

how to start your own delivery business?

When we were not having facilities of mails and other online delivery services, we used to take the help of mails, and online delivery services, we used to take the help of couriers.

The on-demand courier delivery services used to take a long time, with the coming and growing facilities of apps and online delivery services, people’s attention became e-market. But again, courier delivery came with pride in trend. The business is spreading very rapidly even on the international level.

Factors To Keep In Mind-

  • Try to find a niche.
  • Must provide demanded services to customers.
  • Offer new features to track the order, custom packaging and blending will catch customers’ attention.
  • Try to work in places where the demand is more with several competitors. Because in this competition you can provide different new and unique
  • facilities to your customers which others can’t.
  • Before starting the business you must have full and well-detailed knowledge of these services.
  • Pro-active behavior helps you in increasing your customer.
  • Focusing on staff is one of the essential points.
  • Strong command with kindness is required to maintain the staff properly.

19. Uber for Medicine, Pharmacy Delivery App Idea

How to Build a Medicine Delivery App?

Sitting with no work at home! Here is an option to start the business of medicine, pharmacy & Prescription delivery, . You can also set up your own business if you are having good knowledge of pharmaceutical science. Also to start this business you need a legally valid license.

The business of delivering medicines door-to-door brings a revolutionary change in business services. In 2020, you can start your medicine delivery business with a little big investment around $2500 to $5000.

Reasons To Choose Medicine Delivery-

  • Medicine is always in demand as many people suffer from any one particular problem.
  • Many times, people are not able to go to different medical stores due to which they are ready to pay extra bucks.
  • Rather than a local store, the drug delivery store achieves greater accuracy.
  • Also, you will not be limited to drugs and medicines, you can also deliver health and skincare beauty products, perfumes, etc.

Top Online Medicine Ordering Apps: 1mg, netmeds, bookmeds, Yodawy, SmartMedics, WeChemist, Skyscape, Medlife, Practo, PEPID, Pharmaeasy, getmed, Zipdrug, Medscape

20. Newspaper Delivery Startup Idea

Starting a Profitable Newspaper Business

“A cup of tea in hands does not give its taste until the newspaper is not in hands!” Yes, even in this today’s e-world, people are fancier of reading newspapers with happiness. When in today’s trend, e-books are getting popular and extending their arms, newspaper services still are in demand.

Reasons To Start Newspaper Delivery-

  • You can start with a very low investment.
  • The profession requires a reliable and energetic person.
  • You can also deliver magazines along with newspapers which would make a great profit to you.

Highlights Of This Business-

  • Teamwork is required to run the business smoothly.
  • Punctuality is required, as the newspaper must be delivered early in the morning.
  • Your communication skills should be good.

21. Gift Basket Delivery Startup Idea

Gift Basket Delivery Startup Idea

Are you having art to choose the perfect gift suitable at a particular occasion? Here is a chance to turn your passion into money. If you want to start this business you should have creative and innovative ideas.

Why Start This Business?

  • People often get double-minded when it comes to select gifts and start searching on the net.
  • Many times people order the gift but later on they don’t get satisfied with the order and amount paid for it.
  • If you are capable to prepare a gift kit or to decorate a gift box with different design and colored papers, the gates for earning are opened for you.
  • The main reason to start the business is its low investment and its growing demand.
  • Even, if you put workers working under you, you will not face any loss in your earnings.

22. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Startup Idea

How to Start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business?

In today’s busy schedule people are not having much time to wash clothes, press them and all. In this busy schedule, people give their clothes to the laundry for cleaning and they get pressed clothes at their home. The uber for laundry delivery is providing them comfort, and saving their time too. Secondly, most of the clothes available in today’s market are those which need dry cleaning instead of washing, which makes a huge profit.

Reasons To Start This Business-

  • You can start the business with a very low investment.
  • Starting it at a small level will also prove beneficial if you are not having workers under you.
  • You can contact the local workers having their work with no shops in the locality, as it will help you in enhancing your business.
  • Your behavior should be polite, as it affects your business.

23. Online Packers & Movers App Idea

Uber for Moving House | Packers and Movers App Development

Packers & Movers services are in trend a lot, as it is in demand too. The on-demand packers & movers Delivery app usually send their workers at your home, office, to pack all the items and shift it on the place you want. The service of these packers and movers is needed when someone is going to shift their home or office, shop, etc.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Starting-

  • You need to invest a little bit more in this business as compared to other businesses.
  • Activeness is the essential point, which can’t be avoided.
  • It requires teamwork, good leadership and cooperativeness.
  • Good behavior and calm nature will help you to grab customer’s attention.
  • You need a phone, GPS service and workers under you to run the business.

24. Lab Equipment Delivery Business Plan

How to Start a Medical Pick Up and Delivery Service

The delivery of lab equipment is one of the most profitable businesses and always in trend. If you are involved in a business course, you can start this business too in the year 2020.

For starting this business, you need to keep these points in mind-

  • It requires a high amount of investment.
  • Lab types of equipment, chemicals and measurement equipment are delivered.
  • You need space to store the types of equipment.
  • From small test tubes to high-tech machines, all things are involved in lab equipment delivery.
  • You need to contact schools, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, etc. where you can deliver this equipment and you get a good amount of profit.

25. Online Book Delivery App Idea

How to Start Online Book Delivery Services

Books are the main part of our life and if not, you can’t avoid it for students. Delivering a book can also be a good app idea to start your business. Sometimes, children and adults don’t get the desired book.

In this case, you can grab the opportunity and can start a special book delivery business.

  • You don’t need to invest more to start the business.
  • Businesses can be raised by offering an exchange of old books.
  • You can also deliver old books on customers’ demand.
  • Your business will not be limited to books. You can also deliver magazines, novels, exams preparation books and standard books for education.
  • You need a phone and transport facility to deliver books.

26. Furniture Delivery Startup Idea

Online Furniture Startups in 2020

Furniture increases the show of one’s house. It is one of the important decorating items, which is also included in essential materials. As, the main point is lack of time and increasing trend of online ordering, you can look at this business too.

Now let’s see the point included in furniture delivery-

  • For starting this business, you should have good knowledge of furniture, material and other things related to it.
  • A spacious store is needed to keep all your furniture items safe.
  • You can advertise yourself by posting on social media.
  • You need a phone and a reliable truck to deliver the furniture items.

27. Digital Products Delivery Startup

Digital Products Delivery Startup

Digital items are the most important part of the business too. How we can forget the digital items in the digitized world! You can start the business if you are having a sufficient amount of money to invest in this business.


  • We need to invest in a high amount.
  • You can deliver smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital watches and even digitized thermometer.
  • The latest items must be there in your stalk, so you can increase your business.
  • Need a phone, transport and delivery boys for delivering digital items.

28. Best Clothes Delivery App ideas

Best Clothes Delivery App ideas

All want to look good and pays attention to different varieties of clothes and clothes items suiting on them. The clothing market in itself is big, as it launches different designs daily. A big competition can be seen in the clothing market. Here also, if you are having good knowledge of clothes, the business is for you.


  • On a daily base, you must remain updated regarding the latest designs.
  • You must know the quality of the cloth and try to deliver the best quality to your customer.
  • The store is needed to store the stalk.
  • Try to connect and communicate more with different customers to raise your market.
  • Set the price standard, not too high, not too low.
  • Offering different offers at the festival will help you to grab the customer’s attention.

29. Stationary Supply Delivery-

How to Start an Office Supplies Delivery Business

We discussed a lot of business ideas, but still the business that we all might don’t take seriously is stationary supply delivery. Yes! Students need many stationery items like notebooks, pencil, pen, scale, eraser, sheets, folders, etc.

If you don’t have a large amount to invest in any business, this business can be a good option for you.

  • No need to invest largely.
  • I can work at the time you want.
  • No limit to deliver the items, you can deliver as much amount of items you want.
  • With only small efforts, you can earn ,more.

30. After Time To Time Delivery

Best Last-Mile Delivery Startups ideas

This business can be proved as one of the beneficial business for you. Many times people need small items, and to order those small daily needed items, they have to order extra for getting a discount. Or they pay a double amount for a cheap item. In this case, they look for the services, which can complete all their requirements whenever they want.


  • You need to be active as work is on an hourly basis.
  • You can deliver differently or all the items discussed above.
  • Especially you can deliver food like breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner.
  • A good command is needed with workers to run the business.
  • Fewer chances are there to face loss in this business.

If you think your idea not on this list or you want to start your delivery business Please share your idea at halo@asterisminfosoft.com, Our Expert will help you to develop your mobile app, backend and other dispatch solutions for your startup.