Time has travelled beyond miles and technology is it’s catalyst. Smartphones have become the one stop solution for every desired. Simply tap an app and your can avail plethora of services. However you might not be someone wanting to spend much on app development and so we have an exclusive idea for you.

Go jek clone app allows you to buy the clone script and then alter the app as per your own needs. A single app that has bunch of services for you to work upon. A prebuilt admin panel allows you to choose the category of services you would induce in your app to get started. From booking a taxi to plumbing, maids to home plantation , the on demand delivery app would have all for you.

Why Go Jek?

So you might be wondering what makes gojek different from other clone scripts in the market. The Go Jek clone script app is a combination of 52+ service for entrepreneur to choose from. The basic services of taxi booking, delivery and rentals are overseen with the beautician, maids, playing and plumbing services to ease your workload. All of the above in a single app, you need not have different apps for different services, the Go jek clone app is the one stop solution for all your requirements and pledges to provide the best services with on time delivery.

The solution for all your necessities:

The Go jek clone scriptprovides you with array of choices for the entrepreneur to choose from. Be it car taxi or bike tsxt, delivery by 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler , the clone script has all for you. All in all holistic solution for all the services to be offered by the app.

  • Taxi Rental: Book a cab with just a tap at the app. No waiting in long queue to for the taxi, an app that gives you the ease to book cabs as and when required.
  • Delivery Service: You would wish to send a package from a location x to y. You need not visit any courier service, just a request made on the app and your parcel gets delivered seamlessly
  • On demand services: This section deals with all the major on demand services that a user can avail from the app.

The app provides three major control function for the user to select. The ride option that provides the ease to book for taxi services, the multi delivery option that allows the users to locate their address smd then opt for a delivery service and lastly the other services that comprises of all the on demand apps services to be done through the app.

Features that a clone script would offer:

An on demand app service can be initiated using the clone script of the Go jek clone effectively and efficiently. Several features that the entrepreneur cam avail while buying the clone app comprises of the following.

  • Free Labeling: the app gives the freedom to use your own logo in the clone script as it’s your own app.
  • Privacy Policy: The makers of the clone app assures that your company name is never revealed
  • Multilingual: To make the app compatible cross countries, we have a list of language to choose from depending upon your own native language
  • Free website for the application: An online presence is as important as the app and so we provide free installation for a website for your business.
  • Source Code Licensed: Staying at par with the ethics of the country , we provide clone script code which be easily modified and altered as per your own needs

So,if you are thinking of starting a new business and looking for the right start, them get the latest Go Jek clone app development for the services and go ahead.