Marriott International, Inc. considered as a leading American multinational lodgingcompany in the world. It operates anextensive portfolio of hotels and also related other lodging services. It possesses more than Six Thousand resorts and hotels, 1.2 million rooms in over 121 countries. In the year of 2017, itwas honored to rank 33 on the prestigious business magazine “Fortune’s” list of“100 best companies to work for.” So, there is no doubt that they serve their employers and customers with honesty and care,

Today we will discuss one of the best Marriott mobile apps – Marriott International. We all know that it’s a popular hotel app with creative features. More than 1 million People download this app on Google Play Store and also give positive feedback. It’s also accessible for Windows Phone and IOS.

preferred city, plan the travel routes and buy tickets. So, Hotel booking apps make things easy for travelers.

If we consider about the recent researches, hotel app has become a popular thing for customers. Hotel booking through app rise over the growth of 33% for the year to year. Now it has become a necessity for hotel owners. So, they need to accept the latest technology; otherwise, they will fall behind. Yahoo rejected Google and Nokia rejected Android. Now, we all know what the consequence of their action is. So, hotel owners need to up-to-date if they want to make their business strongest.

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Build an app like Marriott/Create an app like Marriott:

To make an app like Marriott, you have to give a close look at the features of Marriott International provides. Then you have to make a list of the features. You can also add some features in addition. As we all know, Marriott app is quite different from other booking apps like Expedia or Trivago. Its target not only to make a booking but also it offers other specific services to their client. Marriott app follows the principles as:

So, the basic features of Marriott International are:

  • Find & book: Anyone can easily select a hotel using search by their preferred city. It also offers the services like to book via mobile and also cancel later.
  • Mobile Check-in: Lodgers can make check in from the plane, road or train. They also provide an alert to guest when the room is ready.
  • Marriot’s loyalty program: The users get rewards for being the part of this program. This app helps the users to, get discount. They also can get member points for future.
  • Mobile Requests: Customers can chat with the hotel anytime. They can request their needed things from their mobile phone.
  • Special Service: Marriott apps give access to their customers to their special content like local maps, city guides, and photos.
  • Language: Marriot app supports French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German languages.
  • Design: In 2017 Marriott mobile app development upgraded its apps. Now one button design” completes most of the actions just holding the phone in one hand, using one finger.

Create an app like Hotel Tonight:

To make an app like Hotel Tonight, we have again to pay attention at the features of Hotel Tonight offers.Hotel tonight also have some pretty amazing features. They always provide last minute bookings which are especially great for Business travelers as they are always on a hectic schedule.

  • Quick Booking: Anyone can book a room in a hotel tonight just in 10 seconds – three taps and a swipe. They give last minute discount on their empty rooms.
  • Categories: There are some categories such as Hip, basic and Luxe.
  • GeoRates: It provides discounted rates to the customers
  • Payment: They support paying with Google.
  • Customer Support: They provide 24/7 customer support.

According to our research team, to build an app like hotel tonight is not that difficult. It can take 10 weeks, and the cost would be approximately $20000. I should warn you, it’s just an approximate image. The final cost could be different as it depends on your selection and process.

After analyzing the features of both apps, the key features that you should include to create an app like Marriott International/Hotel Tonight:

  • Hotel booking app development –Hotel search and reservation.
  • Last Minute Reservation.
  • Users’ personal account.
  • Notifications
  • Multilingual
  • Payment gateway.
  • Discount Option.
  • Special content.

Backend (architecture) development cost:

The Marriott brand is always best known to give the best service to the customers. There is no doubt if you want to compete in this digital economy era, then the service should be the best as possible. So, Marriott brand always keeps that in mind and worked hard to give the best service to their customers. In that way, they made their mere customers to their loyal customers.

The backbend of Marriott application consists of many vital elements, such as:

  • Chat and Story Management,
  • User and Location Management.
  • Payment System.

According to Thomas Vidnovic, the solutions architect at the Marriott International Inc., Marriot mobile app development made by efficient Marriott app developers. They practice N1QL to work with NoSQL database. The Couchbase services are used for revenue system, reservations & caching clusters. Google services allow the travelers to search by map & also work for push notifications.

Moreover, Marriott International Inc. owns Sendgrid for sending transactional emails. It uses a complex hybrid system for their cloud services.

Native Platform Development:

Marriott app works on Android as well as iOS.  It also can use on Apple Watch. Marriott mobile app development team also made a separate application for i Pads. So, they wotked their best to make the app more engaging & friendly to attract their customers.

The Final Cost/Requirements:

The features you have to include & work to build an app like Marriott, develop native apps, backend and create a web application. You have to give special attention for testing. If customers face any problem, they will not give you a second-time chance to earn their trust. So, it’s the most crucial point.

You can achieve your aim in various ways. You can do it on your own if you have enough knowledge. But I will recommend you to hire a professional as there are so many complex steps.

Your choice and requirement will definitely influence the cost of the app. According to our research team, the experienced developer companies work both for $20 and $100. So, we are using an average price – $45 per hour.

According to our research team, the final cost for making an app like Marriott International is-

Job Hours Needed Cost Needed
Development 1000 $45000
Backend 400 $18000
QA/PM 90 $4050
Design 100 $4500
Final Cost (approx.) 1590 $71550

As we see, the final result shows that 1590 hours and 70 thousand five hundred fifty dollars needed to build an app like Marriott. But you should keep in mind that our research team provides you the approximate picture. They collect data from market research. But the final cost depends on your selection and process.

The steps that you need to follow to build an app like Marriott:

Step 1:

At first, you have to give a close look at the requirement of the consumers. Marriott International is constantly upgrading their features as per their customers’ needs. So, you can do some market research, if possible, add some additional features.

Step 2:

Before starting your work, you have to give a close look on your competitions, it’s not only Marriott international, and there are other competitors also. It will boost understanding of your app idea.

Now, Marriott is operating on machine learning & artificial language. Now, their target is to achieve better result about their clients so that they can make some better suggestions to their guests. So, you need to pay attention to their upgrades and planning. You create an app like Marriott International, but when you did it, they already made another step to make their app better. So, it shouldn’t happen like that way. You should make your app better than your competitors.

Step 3:

Now, you have to get in touch with some hotel app Development Company. You have to select the right company for this job. Choose the right one, not the best one.

Step 4:

You can get quotes from different companies. It will enrich your knowledge.

Hotel app clones like Marriott, Hilton:

The people who don’t know what is app clone? For them, app clone is the exact copy of a unique collection. People can add some new features as per as their needs.

Now you can again have the question what are clone scripts?

Clone script is mainly “ready-to-go” mobile app and web application scripts. It’s actually the clone of some popular apps which has a positive impression on the minds of the people. Let’s see some well-known clones of the world:

Example: Prime Fusion, which is the replica of Amazon Prime, App Jasmine is the replica of Uber.

Hopefully, you are now clear about clone scripts.

As Marriott and Hilton’s apps really do an impressive service, so people can give a thought to make hotel app clones like Marriott, Hilton.

As far as Marriott app clone script is concerned, you have to give a look at the features of the app like Marriott & Hilton. Then, if you want to make Marriott app clone, the source code must have to be available. Your source code has to be original otherwise it can be considered illegal. You can do it with some best clone application scripts.

However, the picture is different nowadays. Now the era is gone when people buy app clones. People are now more comfortable to use the latest technology and build their own app for the hotel.

Technology stacks of hotel apps like Marriott, Hilton:

Technology stack specifies all the types of tools; hotel apps use to manage their digital marketing and hotel operations. The tools Technology stacks of hotel apps like Marriott, Hilton use – Guest relations, Maintenance, Sales & catering, Scheduling, l-loyalty and online marketing. Marriott and Hilton’s app allow guest to use their smartphones to unlock their hotel rooms. It’s a kind of technology stack they are using to make easy their guest’s job.

The hotel apps are using their own technology stack to improve the experience of the guest. It’s not all about to use the latest technology; it’s all about to satisfy the hotel guest.


So, if you have any great idea, take the help from hotel app Development Company or experienced developers who will make your dream into a reality and meet up the expectations of your customers.

Please, feel free to share your judgment and choice in the comments section. Thanks a lot for reading this article.