A mobile app is nothing but a computer program created to run on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets as well as on smartwatches. That number of users of smartphones are escalating day by day. Individuals have a weakness for smartphones because of the handiness, easy functioning as well as because of those apps in them.

Beside all, this is the finest way of money making with a lot of popularity too. So if you are looking for some best app ideas of 2019 to be implemented for your business then here is what we have stored for you.

1) The Health Assistant app will help you out in your every difficulty. It will be a useful app. It will save the requirement, details of your health check-up, as well as save your doctor’s contact number too. In addition to this, it will send a text message to your doctor regarding an appointment and will notify you about its status of approval.

2) This will be a cool app idea and a crazy one too. Nobody wants to go through the unwanted messages and emails. It will send replies to the automated texts and emails and text messages a notification like, “person’s inbox is full”. “The user does not want this type of messages further”.

3) It will give the best suggestion, whether to fly or drive, somewhere the user wants to go. It will decide the mode of travel for a user. It will also suggest the advantages as well as disadvantages of going through road or by flying. This will inform you about the airport delay, flight status, the traffic congestion in the road. It will compare the fare also between road and airway. Another important thing is it can inform you about the weather condition too. So it’s definitely a great app idea.

4) So what about a cool app idea of taking the drunken man safely to his home. This type of great ideas will save every required information about the user. And when required with a simple click it will spell out the user’s address to the cab driver or else to someone who wants to take him home.

5) So what about a great app idea of making a graphical reservation system like movie ticket booking!. With this, we can see and choose the best place, the best table as per the availability for our dining.

6) It will be the best app idea for expense management. This will calculate how much a user has to contribute according to his income and there will be an assurance of paying the exact and correct amount. Besides this, the app can generate invoices to eradicate the financial hassles of your business much easier way. It will be helpful in tax calculating and invoice generation for all of your transactions.

7) A task planning and inspiration app that prompts you of the daily to-do tasks and offers inspiration to do the tasks that you are less enthusiastic to do, such as workout, wakes up, read.

8) This app will scrutinize a user’s driving practice for quite a few days. After that, it will narrate to the user if there are any safer routes or shortcuts they could be taking benefit.

9) Users can exercise solving questions in the app in advance for a genuine interview. After inputting the industry and job title, the user will be given sample interview questions, along with answer strategies.

10) Some people do have great gift ideas, but, many of them don’t know much. So the app will connect both the groups. Users of the app would input some basic information and request gift ideas. The app would swiftly deliver ideas over the app.

11) With a quick photo, the app will recommend to a user whether an item is recyclable and the nearby recycling locations.

12) Whenever you take 20 pictures of every beautiful thing you come across, your phone can fill up fast. This app will examine all photos and find groups of recurrent, nearly matching pictures. It will even recommend the top one to keep so the user can delete the rest.

13) Sometimes you only need to have donuts or no matter food you crave in the middle of the night. This app would tell a user which restaurants are still open around them at any time of the night.
14) A person will use this app to send and play the right song to a recipient. Merely enter the occasion or some keywords, and the app also can choose a song that’s excellent.

15) It sounds crazy and perhaps it’s. The user takes footage of themselves in totally different poses. Then this app sets them in motion, doing a funny dance to a catchy song.

16) After selecting their favorite groups, coaches or athletes, users can receive instant news updates regarding them from your app. They’ll even receive connected news regarding rival groups and upsets.

17) Before you eat that doughnut, check this app to envision what quite activities you’d have to be compelled to do to burn off the calories. Perhaps the thought of rising thirty flights of stairs can cause you to place it back.

18) This is not your traditional workbook. Your app can instantly translate acronyms, slang and standard patois. ROFLMAO, FOMO, FWIW – your users can ne’er be in the dark with this app.

19) Your app can connect people that have bound tools with people that have to be compelled to use them. Why obtain a 20-feet ladder or a power saw for a one-time job if your neighbor has one you’ll be able to borrow?

20) Remember the sound of a phone dial tone or a carriage return? Your app can bring these sounds back to life. Users will set the sounds as ringtones or send them to friends.

21) If users have event tickets they can’t use, they will post them on your app. People would have a brief time to ‘bid’ on the tickets, beginning at a certain price.

22) Users answer questions on their disbursal habits, payment behavior, and financial gain. Your app then provides them with specific suggestions on the way to improve their credit.

23) Your app would play soothing recordings to prevent a baby’s crying. Everything from the sound of rain to the lightweight music of a parent’s recorded voice. The quantity would slowly diminish until she falls silent.

24) This is associate app would be to measure the distance, by moving your phone from one purpose to the opposite, the requirement to own a measuring tape would be eliminated.

25) As the name suggests, the Calorie Counter App would merely count your calorie intake. This might work by coming into what you have got ingested throughout the day in order that you’ll keep track of your calories. After you approach your suggested daily intake, it’d trigger the alarm, so as for you to change your plan.

26) This app would assist you to make a decision wherever to travel for every day out. You’d merely enter your budget and also the distance you would like to travel, and also the app would observe a listing of native tourist attractions for you and your family or friends to get pleasure from.

27) This app may be to adapt losing weight into simply doable goals on a weekly basis. By coming into your beginning weight and your target weight, the app can give you with a coaching and diet program so as to realize your goals.

28) This app would permit you to make your own calendar by linking social media sites. You’d have a unique image on a daily basis, then link it to an occasion that’s upcoming; similar to a friend’s birthday or a marriage day of remembrance.
29) This app would permit you to understand the whereabouts of your kid by GPS tracking on this app. This app would be put in on the child’s Smartphone and coupled to the app on the parent’s phone.

30) This app would let you register yourself to become an associate donor after you die, and have your name placed on the donor list. There’s presently a shortage of organ donors and permitting new ways that to register would for certain assist.

31) This app would permit you to examine your general health, create an easy diagnosing of minor issues, in addition to preventing superfluous journeys to envision a doctor. You’d be able to calculate your BMI may be and learning the way to watch out of your body and keep healthy.

32) This app would assist you to make a decision that charity is best for you to line up regular payments. The app would raise you a series of queries, then show some relevant charities, link you to them in order that you’d be able to pledge a monthly fee.

33) This app would be the most affordable and fastest traveler service to send your parcel to. you’d fill the size, weight, delivery location and code then order the most affordable traveler service directly through the app.

34) This app would substitute the necessity for a private trainer at the gymnasium. The app can raise your questions about your lifestyle and your goals so as to develop an educational program to suit you.

35) Scan and search apps that permit you to scan any things to search out it online by the image, therefore, you’ll be able to search and obtain them from the websites simply. You’ll be able to add a lot of options to form the app a lot of attention-grabbing and helpful.

36) An app that may collect ingredient names from the user and can recommend a dish that may be ready with those things. It’d be terribly helpful after you are trying to form a pleasant dish with the accessible ingredients.

37) A location-based app within which a user will highlight all the places wherever he has been in order that once, any other person plans to go there, they will need suggestions, reviews, etc.

38) A collective looking app that may allow you to notify customers within the same area would have an interest in shopping for an equivalent merchandise as you’re attending to obtain from an equivalent merchant. The profit is that you simply might get a smart discount price on bulk purchases and find different advantages like free delivery.

39) The compatible food finder app can recommend food ideas and precise diet details as entered by the user. Users will search around for vegetarian, non-vegan or any specific food menu through the app.

40) An app that may facilitate individuals with everyday tasks like preparing, repairing an exponent or laptop, activity minor renovations, repairing a pneumatic tyre and a lot.

41) Trash giveaway app through that a user will present or divulge his unused things to somebody truly desires them.

42) A health video chat app that enables users to attach to one another. The people that are sharing an equivalent quite health problems mental or physical will connect and speak through video or text chat.

43) The original item detector app can check and make sure whether or not the merchandise you’re shopping an original one or not. It’ll make use of parameters like product quality, build, colors, tags, etc., to identify.

44) A deal alert app that may send information to you regarding the newest deals and offers being offered by your nearest restaurants, theatres, etc. you’ll be able to choose the categories that you would like to receive deal alerts.

45) The DIY encouragement app that may encourage users to try and do a lot of tasks themselves, build little things and perform activities that are used for physical, mental and monetary functions.

46) An all-in-one card app that may let users play each existing card game among one mobile app. It’ll even have the feature of online option for users to play with different players online.
47) An app for locating individuals with same interests as yours. The user will input some skilled and private likes and dislikes supported that the app can scan and notice different users within the same area and have an equivalent interest.

48) A charity sharing app that offers suggestions for users to try and do right by their colleagues, friends, and folks, creating little donations, showing kindness, serving to individuals.

49) The tutor looking app that helps students find the proper tutor or teacher for a selected subject and category. The app may be added to review system, teacher profile, rankings, etc.

50) A mobile app for locating a toilet facility within the closet area. It’ll be a helpful app for pretty much everybody everywhere the globe.

51) The wish-fulfilling app can let users input their wish list or long-term goals into the app. Then, the app can analysis online and find the most effective, attainable path for the users to really come through the details on their lists.

52) A food freshness checking app that may let users scan or click a pic of their food and can automatically check the freshness of the food things supported some predefined mechanism and parameters.

53) A wise timer app that may ensure that the user doesn’t fall back to sleep once more when rousing once. It’ll ring at the set time and make sure that the user truly aroused from sleep and didn’t go right back to the bed.

54) A beauty specialist hiring app that enables users to search out and hire the proper stylist anytime with home service option. The app may additionally have integrated payment option.

55) A product exchange app that enables users to search out people within your area be interested in an exchange of things like toys, clothes, electronic devices, mobile phones, etc.

56) A wise alarm app that may permit users to feature some text or customize news updates to be narrated in conjunction with the wake-up alarms. The content might embody something that the user prefers to receive the very first thing in the morning.

57) A digital receipt app that may permit users to induce digital receipts for each dealings they create at retail stores and looking centers. It’ll scale back the overuse of paper and create it straightforward to manage all of your receipts from one place.

58) A travel app that rather than telling you regarding places to travel to, can tell you regarding the places you ought to not visit, supported your interests.

59) A song finder app that may let users find the title of a selected song on the premise of the tone or any words provided by the user. It should additionally give the link to transfer the song or listen online.

60) A set camera app that may allow you to use or access somebody else’s mobile camera, it’s significantly helpful once the opposite person is clicking a pic of you through their phone and you would like to envision in your own phone how the pic is actually.

61) A random chat application that may show new, random folks on every occasion you sign up your chat list. You’ll be able to chat with these folks, add them to trustworthy friends and continue finding additional random folks to talk with.

62) A transport app that may have all the data as well as the schedule, routes, timings, conditions, etc., of transport services in a very specific town or space. Users will check the app to search out the foremost appropriate transport possibility for them in a very specific scenario.
63) A pub, club or restaurant finder app that may show solely the bars, clubs, and restaurants that open at the particular time

64) A mobile food choice app that may let users access the menus and place their orders on their mobile devices after going through the hygienic elements of the menus

65) Review and earn platform that may provide its users some reasonable gift or cash after they use a freshly launched app through the platform and write reviews or assign ratings to that.

66) A mobile app for locating team members for a particular project. The app can enable developers, writers, designers and different freelancers or professionals to hitch the platform and participate in several approaches to earn cash.

67) A shopper app that may let users search around for the specific product, brands, companies, etc., to get online. The app will analyze the merchandise and recommend higher alternatives to the user if any.

68) Startup help app to assist startups and new entrepreneurs notice answers to common queries relating to beginning a brand new business, finding purchasers, obtaining investment, business tips and everything else.

69) An app for finding small paid work around your native space. It’s for users who would like to have some quick money and willing to try to tiny works like repairing a laptop, walking a dog for somebody, babysitting, mowing a field and different similar tasks.

70) A hair coloring helper app that may let users see, how they’ll look if they use a definite hair color/style, while not truly having to undertake it. The app would possibly build use of AI to try to perform the task.

71) A fashionable and searching app that may recommend specific covering styles and designs. The users will be able to share pics with others to ask for ideas on a style. It’ll conjointly assist you to notice superb fashions in your near space.

72) A special social networking app that may assist you arrange meet-ups together with your elect friends or folks. It’ll have the integrated choice to notice places to satisfy and events to attend. It will even recommend you new plans supported your group’s social preferences.

73) A network management app that may facilitate house owners to manage everything relating to their services as well as including offers, maintaining inventory, comparison costs of various things for grocery searching, etc.

74) An all-in-one application that may allow renting services to the doorstep for any services relating to plumbing, repairing, maintenance, mechanic, medical, teaching and everything else.

75) A story writing and sharing app for those folks who have stories to tell. They will access the app to put in writing a story which may be viewed and even improved by different users.

76) An immediate party inviting app that helps you make arrangements for immediate parties. It’ll conjointly allow you to send instant invitations to the chosen persons from your contact list.

77) A social searching app that may assist you to notice and connect with users to debate everything relating to searching. Users will exchange info concerning offers, deals, the best product to buy, reviews, etc., to assist others to build sophisticated searching choices.

78) Grocery searching and delivery service app that may notice the requirement, on your behalf, consequently inform the service provider, to deliver the groceries to the doorstep.

79) A whole symbol app that may enable users to search out additional concerning the whole of a selected item by merely scanning the whole tag or brand. The app may show some whole references and reviews from existing users to any assist the person.

80) A virtual container app that may record recollections, videos and different digital information that may solely be viewed in a very present time within the future and solely to specific folks.

81) A cash disposal manager app that may keep track of the folks owe you cash and people whom you owe cash. It’ll have the names of such folks, the incomplete amount, due dates, etc. it’ll conjointly provide you with a warning of due dates and permit you to create payments via integrated payment choices.

82) A music sharing an app that may enable users to scan and notice the music everybody else in their contact lists is listening and share endless song if they find it irresistible.

83) A caller image, symbol app that may detect the image information of the person on the opposite face of the decision by using ultrasound and can show it to the receiver.

84) A social goal sharing app where users with similar challenges and short goals like quitting smoking, understanding often, dieting, etc., close to support one another with the right motivation and words.

85) A profile intense app that may build use of increased Reality (AR) to search out additional details a few specific person or object by merely scanning them. So, after you scan the face of an individual with the app, it’ll show all the small print concerning them from everywhere the web.

86) A searching assistant app that may enable brands to make their users updated with new, latest releases and facilitate them to look at the places nearby, to get a selected product.

87) A writer’s solitude app that may enable writers to figure in peace by obstructing all the distractions and different functions on the device except those required for the writing task.
88) A cleanup service app that may enable users to search out and rent a person/service for the cleanup of a selected room instead of the complete living accommodations, by saving cash and time.

89) A critical review app that may allow you to take an image of the book and find reviews instantly from Amazon, Goodreads, and different platforms to assist you to create the selection of whether or not to buy or read the book or not.

90) The seasonal food finding an application that may tell you concerning the closest places to search out contemporary seasonal produces organic things, etc.

91) A missing item finding an app that may facilitate users find their glasses, keys, wallet, socks and different things that they place somewhere then forget wherever they really placed them. The technique of this app is taking a pic together with your phone when you place such an item in order that you’ll be able to explore the pic if you ditch it later

92) A goal management and sharing app that may enable you to make life goals, keep track of them, share them with others and notice people who share constant goals in order that users will support one another within the completion of such goals.

93) A cloud presentation application that may enable all members of a gathering or team to return along and collaborate online to create a team presentation by contributing concepts and feedbacks in the period of time.

94) A social rating mobile application that helps you to rate your friends anonymously for various qualities like smile, anger, beauty, nature and additional. Your friends are able to see the rating, however, won’t understand it’s by you.

95) A musician community app that may facilitate new musicians to search out different fellow musicians inquisitive about forming a unit and find gigs relating to their specific music decisions.
96) An interest-based app that may facilitate folks to find the people with special interests like nerds, geeks, comic lovers, etc. this may be the proper place for introverts to search out a date.

97) a typical note-taking app wherever everybody will take notes, share with others, treat notes, increase existing notes or build new notes on a few specific topics, lecture or seminar.

98) A text scanner app that may be able to read the text written on a paper in order to make you able to in the digital format on your phone or laptop. It’ll not specifically scan a picture of the paper, however, it’ll solely scan the text or variety written thereon.

99) A food donation app for the restaurants or other private bodies to find appropriate charities in their native areas to give their excess food. This will not solely save plenty of food, but also facilitate many poor folks.

100) A subscription organization app that may keep track of all of your subscriptions and bills and can provide you with a warning because the payment date arrives. The app may have an integrated payment system for automatic payments of bills.

101) A tenant finder and communication app that may enable landlords to search out and communicate with potential tenants directly with none dealer. It’ll conjointly enable tenants to speak with their existing landlords concerning property problems, maintenance necessities, and pay rent.

There are many more app ideas to be implemented in 2019. But first of all, you have to the popularity of your app. You have to estimate that. How those cool apps ideas will drag customer, you have to make a research on that. So before going for an app at the onset do a poll among your existing customers. Define them the purpose of your app.