You might an array of works to be done and you are in no mood to do the same. People all across the globe have a bucket list of items to be done on the daily basis. So, why not provide them the required services and get paid for the same. An on demand handyman app like uber for home improvement is your one stop solution. The handman app clone would allow you to render services and make some money all the way. All you need to do is to make an initial investment to build an handyman app clone.

Quick tour through the app

  • The handyman app clone source code would provide the users the facility to ask for service such as plumbing, clearing drains, a switch change or any other task. The person is required to download the clone app and then register himself providing all the necessary details which comprises of name, contact details, address and card details to initiate auto payment once the service has been provided.
  • The user can anytime open the app and tap for a particular handyman. Once selected, the user would be taken to the page where services given by that specific handyman. The user csm then select the desired job and tap to book appointments.
  • Post selection of the handyman, the user can then look for a handyman and based on the ratings and review of the same, choose one.
  • The mobile clone app for handyman services would allow the user to select a particular date and depending upon the handyman available, the user can opt for the same. Also the app provides the ease to opt for suitable payment option. It could be card or cash or wallet.
  • The handyman service provider has the freedom to either accept or reject the job within thirty seconds of job request. If by chance, the job request is denied, the task automatically transfers to the nearest handyman.
  • Build an app like Uber for handyman and once selecting the handyman, the user can chat and guide him to his address. The app is updated with a START notification and after successful completion of the task, the user is notified as completed. The user would be asked to pay and in case the user has opted for online payment then the amount would be deducted automatically.
  • Rating and review can be given to each of the handyman depending upon the work done and services rendered.

Features of the app

  • Track the service real time
  • Optimize appointment
  • Referrals and Promo Code
  • Instant task alert
  • Geo location based search
  • Browse & Book service
  • Chat and Hire
  • Mobile Dispatching
  • Price & Review based filters
  • Multiple payment option
  • Track transactions
  • Generate new bills easily

Build an app for handyman services which is not just user friendly but also has an excellent panel of handyman from which the user can select the desired one. An excellent idea to keep up with your money making need for every service rendered.

In the busy and fast pace world, there are plethora of services cleaning and handyman services that seek your attention and it is not necessary that you have time for all. On demand handyman app would be the best for you to provide services such as pipe cleaning, changing fuses etc. The cleaning and handymand app is a definite success and would multiply profits bringing all the professional under the same roof. Get in touch with us If you want to start handyman services startup or you want to double your business.